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Baylyn CRM Intelligent Funnel Process


Baylyn CRM has created a seamless customer experience funnel process. A intelligent funnel process is when a potential customer visits your website with as little resistance as possible.  You can choose a Floating funnel process or a Stationary process or Both.

Floating Funnel Process-

Increase your conversion rates 300 to 400 percent

You have three options to choose from:  Call – Book – Contact  

You can choose all three, two or only one if that suits your busines needs.  


The CALL feature is present only during business hours. You can set your hours of operation. Creating the floating feature allows for the least path of resistance to the customers. Creating a call-to-action when given the option has become the number one process of the three options.

The CALL Process will automatically OPT in your phone call to market via SMS, email, and phone!

Companies that are using this technology benefit in a very large way by increasing their sales. While still maintaining the top Google mobile and Desktop page speed requirements. Your current process is most likely a contact submission form which slows your page speed down by over half depending on the type of form. All that spam you receive say goodbye!

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The second most used feature is the Booking of Appointments with appointment reminders. The results are staggering when you remind a person of their daily tasks. We wanted to make this process as a personable connection to your potential clients. So we took it up a notch and made it a personable experience by showing a photo of the salesperson with that salesperson complete contact details. Giving the potential client the option for over the phone or in person meeting. When given the option for setting up a meeting with all the available times 65 percent choose this process over a contact form. The time determines the percentage as well. So during business hours, the phones ring but after hours the booking of appointments process takes 65 percent of your funnel process over contact submission. Which is a huge win, why because once you add reminders the person showing up for their appointment out performs the contact submission conversion process?


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Contact Submission Form

We kept this feature for many reasons. But most importantly some people just want to put in a contact form. Not very many but a few. So we kept the cool personable touch and kept the process with an image of the salesperson they would be speaking with and full contact details. While still getting approval for SMS, email, and phone call marketing. If you need custom questions on the form contact a Baylyn Sales Rep for more details.

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