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Increase efficiency & decrease labor costs. The average text message cost is .01 cents to .05 cents. Our CRM will give you unlimited text messaging. See the many other options below with a additional 80 plus free SEO tools. We only offer tested and approved methods and we got rid of the complicated wording. The amount of money you can save from our direct  sales & marketing platform is endless. Your company should see dramatic turn around results to any business operation. You might not need all the features below but the main features will decrease your marketing cost and decrease your labor cost.  This will now improve your companies’ efficiency

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Global Marketing & Sales platform features.


Our marketing and sales platform simplifies customer information and documents into a single database for business users to more easily access and manage. The other main functions of this CRM platform include:

Sales Workflow

Advance your leads from pending, closed or not interested
Create reminder to call back
Create progress notes

Client Management

You can manage all the clients here and collaborate with your business member.

Sales Staff Performance

Sales staff closure rate vs leads received in workflow

Evenly Rotate Leads

Automatically evenly rotates lead generation to sales staff. This will minimize your sales staff disagreements.

Form Funnel

Floating Form, Stationary Form or Both
Custom Form Ability.

Intelligent Funnel Process

CALL-Book-Contact  Our Funnel Process is simple, call to action as soon as they land your website. Call feature only present during business hours. Increased Lead Conversion 300 Plus Percentage. 

Lead Analytics

Analytics data from where the lead converted: Google ad, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn & much more

Telephone Calls Analytics

Analytics data from telephone calls

Automatic Lead Creation

Automatic lead creation from telephone calls

Levels of Permission

Staff can only see their clients’ data.  The Manager will have access to everything provided in Baylyn CRM.

Communicate with Client

Text message communication to customers. All messages stored under the customer profile.

Text Message Retargeting

Retargeting campaign with your pending leads via text message

Message Alerts

Ability to turn on or off. Get all notifications to your mobile device of a new customer and appointments.

Text Message Marketing

Send SMS marketing campaigns to current client lists

Opt In/Out

Customers have the ability to opt in and out programmatically at any time. Our system will automatically block customer from receiving anymore messages.

Call Feature

The call feature will only be displayed on your website during the business hours you selected. After hours only allows booking of appointments and contact form.

24*7 Sales Appointment

Keep your business running 24/7/365 by allowing potential clients to book an appointment with sales staff during available times

Appointment Reminder

Two reminders of appointment via text message and email.

Reschedule Appointment

Ability for client or business to reschedule appointment

Re-assign Leads

Ability to re-assign lead to another staff member

Create E-Signatures Documents

Create documents with e signature that automatically store under client profile

Email Documents to clients

Client name, phone, address auto populates in Documents

Client Time Clock

Log your clients time with our built in time clock tracking

Document upload

Upload and store documents under client data.

Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo search engine marketing Fraud prevention

With our AI fraud prevention design our CRM will automatically start to block visitors clicking on your Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine marketing ads. The real loss is when your ad is not showing because of fraudulent clicks. Detailed daily reports. Get your Free Assignment!

Sync Appointments to other Calendars

Booking of appointments will sync to other calendars like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and etc.

Online Reputation Management

Take control of your online presence with our review management system. Then boost your reviews to google my business, yelp, facebook and more!

Review System

Get 4-5 Star rating direct to your Google My Business page, Facebook page, Yelp Page and so much more!

Sink your contacts to social networks

Sink your contacts to social networks with a click of a button

Test for Students

Create any test to send to student

Buy Direct AD Inventory

Buy most of your ADS at Wholesale Pricing. Available inventory that others cannot buy. TV, Radio, Mobile Streaming, Mobile APP, Phone Notification Marketing, Banner ADS and a lot more

Baylyn CRM APP

Download the Baylyn CRM APP for Android and IOS devices.

Bot Protection

A level of security to prevent Bot Marketing.

Can Spam Compliance

Text message and email  are spam compliant

AES 256 encryption

Cutting-edge virtual security measures like AES 256 bit encryption and granular privacy controls.

Sales and Marketing Platform Pricing

Sales and marketing platform is the way to grow your business and lower your marketing cost. The main motives of your business is always generating ROI. Ask about non-cloud self hosted version.

Sales Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) sales is one of the most important tools all businesses need to increase their sales year after year. What makes Baylyn CRM sales platform so successful?  We only use proven sales techniques that give results. We have done significant research and collected a great deal of data from business owners over the years and we see several trends that our CRM can help business owners with.  Business owners seem to have the same thing in common; low closure rates from their sales staff and no way to track their sales staff real closure rate on a daily basis. Sales teams seem to argue over leads and business owners found themselves spending more and more money on marketing to feed their sales staff more leads. We feel the solution is that everyone needs an effective digital assistant to decrease waste while increasing efficiency.  We made a sales platform to assist their sales staff and gave the sales manager a tool to see individual daily stats from each sales member. Then we created a simple workflow so sales can organize their leads that never have been closed. Baylyn CRM creates automatic follow up reminders to the sales team for leads that didn’t convert into a customer. We evenly rotate the leads to the sales team.  Baylyn CRM allows the business to never shut down by letting the customer book appointments with your sales team 24/7/365 online. We send two reminders of their scheduled appointments via text message and email to lower the amount of cancelled appointments. When you give someone the option to reschedule an appointment without speaking to a human this drastically decreases the amount of cancelled appointments allowing the company to run leaner and a lot more profitable.

Baylyn sales and Marketing CRM
sales and marketing chart

Marketing Software

Baylyn CRM Marketing platform was designed to lower companies marketing budget. We wanted to use one of the most powerful marketing tools on the market, text message marketing. Simply reprocessing what most companies thought was waste.  We did this by retargeting leads that never converted into a customer in your Baylyn CRM pending bin. Then we added another feature to Market to your current clients which is another powerful marketing tool and one of the lowest cost marketing techniques on the market. Running text message marketing campaigns to your current clients each month gives tremendous results. But we didn’t stop here, we give a list of low cost lead generation marketing methods. See our marketing page options. As we give you the ability to purchase current marketing techniques at a lower price point then what small to medium size business currently pay. We cut out the middle person create very large saving to your business.

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